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  Direktor des medizinischen Zentrums Immunit

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  The doctor of intensive therapy


  Surgery, laser therapy, reflexotherapy


  The neuropathologist

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Diploma di merito

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The neuropathologist

The adviser of the medical center "Immunit" Stoyanov Oleksandr Nikolaevich









The candidate of medical sciences, specialty: nervous diseases, the senior lecturer of department of neurosurgery and neurology of the Odessa state medical university; has copyright techniques on
the restoration of nervous system, including one after alcoholic and  narcotic intoxications; three times-winner (2003, 2004, 2006) of the competitions named after the Academician of the AMS the USSR N.B.Mankovsky, which is held by the Presidium of the Board of the scientific-practical community of neuropathologists, psychiatrists and experts in narcology of Ukraine. Awarded diploma of a P degree, plus a silver medal of the VDNH of Ukraine. Awarded two diplomas of the international exhibition-forum "The world of high technologies Hi-Tech" (2001, 2002).

Has graduated from the Odessa medical institute it named after. N.I.Pirogov in 1987. Member of the Board of the Ukrainian scientific organization of neurologists, psychiatrists and experts in narcology.

Scientific secretary of the Odessa regional scientific-practical community of neurologists.

Member of the European Federation of neurologic communities, member of working group of the
The European school of neurologists, member of the International Association "Laser and

The basic directions of activity:

Clinic, diagnostics, treatment and preventive maintenance of the vegetative pathology and its various levels;
Studying, diagnostics and treatment of various kinds of trembling hyperkinesis;
Modern technologists of non-medicamentous treatment of diseases of the nervous system (laser-, ozone-, reflex-, physiotherapy, etc.);
Issues of neuroallergy;


Inventoinal-rationalizational activity:

Scientific School of neurovegetology  of G.I. Markelov – Y.L.Kurako; Has 276 proceedings, including 10 manuals and a monography published; 7 innovative works are included in "The Register of Innovations" of the Ministy of Health of Ukraine

1 – in "The catalogue of the educational innovations of the univesities of Ukraine" of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine;

2 – in "The catalogue of innovations of the Southern region" (NASU); 18 information letters are published (MOH of Ukraine)

25 inventions protected by Copyright certificates of the USSR, Patents of Ukraine, 18 inventions are introduced in various medical institutions in the Odessa region, more than 100 rationalization offers.
The associate editor of two collections of the international conferences; member of certifying commission of the Board of public health services of Odessa regional state administration.

The master's thesis on the topic of "Clinic, modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of the solar syndrom”, Kharkiv, 1997

The chief of the thesis – professor,, winner of the State Prize of Ukraine - Yuriy Lvovich Kurako.

At the moment is working on the thesis for a doctor's degree "State and correction of the vegetative dysfunctions in complex rehabilitation of patients with cerebro-vascular pathologies in the conditions of the Southern region of Ukraine"; professor,, winner of the State Prize of Ukraine - Yuriy Lvovich Kurako.

Professionalism, practical experience, diligence, honesty, tenacity, communicability, loyalty, kindness and love of people.

Hobby: Reading of fiction, the fine arts, Fishing.

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Leader of the branch 2016
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